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Ukraine: Yet Another Corporate Narrative – Red Pill DNA Episode 9

Ukraine: Yet Another Corporate Narrative

*All reference links in show notes below:

Watch The BBC report Building 7 collapse 20 minutes before it actually fell:
Video overlay source:

7 Fake News Stories Coming Out Of Ukraine:

So Bad It’s Good: The Flood of FSB Fakery Deserves an Oscar:

FSB Is Failing the Russian Army, State and Escalation. Big Time:

RIA Novosti received footage from the impact site near the border with #Ukraine in the #Rostov region. Appears to be a hole in the ground:

Download the 150 released Pfizer documents:

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: Russia’s got a point: The U.S. broke a NATO promise:–20160530-snap-story.html

Ukraine: The Mess that Victoria Nuland Made:

Minsk Agreements:

Putin Signs Decree Recognizing Donbas Republics:

Russia Can Build Military Bases in Donbas Under New Treaty:

Putin Deploys Troops to Donbas Republics as Peacekeepers:

Putin Says Actions Aim for the ‘De-Nazification of Ukraine’:

Is Putin targeting US bioweapon labs in Ukraine? The TRUTH behind Internet theory:

Human Genome Project Opens the Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapons:

Servant of the People (TV series)
A Ukrainian political satire comedy television series created and produced by Volodymyr Zelenskyy:

Playing the Piano with your Pants Down (includes Ukrainian President from 34:40 to 36:56):

Ukraine Says It Has Handed out 18,000 Weapons to Citizens:

Famed conductor who is close friends with Putin was fired from his orchestra for not condemning Ukraine invasion:

Barack Obama Stuttering Mess After Teleprompter Freezes:

RT: Russian-backed TV news channel disappears from UK screens:

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