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Introduction to the book

"What if you discovered the world you have been born into has been precisely designed in order to keep you unhappy, stressed, and struggling, all for the benefit of a tiny minority of others?

Have you noticed that you can never quite seem to get there? The promise of comfort, security, and peace is always just around the next corner... Government you can trust. Corporations that play fair. Clean food. Healthcare. Being cared for in your old age. A world that feels like it’s getting better for each generation. It’s never here, but it’s always just around the next corner. Just…

Is this the way you know — in your heart — that human beings are meant to live? If your answer is “no”, we wrote this book for you.

The first goal of The Red Pill Revolution is to invite you to take a fresh look at the world you live in and to question how well that world works for you.

The authors will also offer some alternative viewpoints for you to consider and a range of practical steps that you may choose to take that could radically transform your experience of life.

Why You Should Get This Book

Most of us know that there's something not quite right with the way the world works today. We are surrounded by the evidence of technological progress, but who is really benefitting? If you take a step back, you will see that the vast majority of human beings in the "developed" world are suffering from more stressed, more debt, longer working hours, and more chronic ill health than previous generations.

The real question is WHY? ... and that's where The Red Pill Revolution begins.

This book will shine a light on the fundamental reasons why modern life is not truly getting better by introducing the System that has been set up to benefit a very small minority of very powerful people, and how this System not only does not and cannot care if you are in debt, sick, or stressed... it actually works better the worse things get for you!

But of course it doesn't stop there, this is a profoundly hopeful book, so the authors go on to tease apart the main tools that the System's owners have increasingly used to keep us weak. For each chapter that explains those mechanisms, there follows another that sets out the remedy in simple, easy steps.

The Red Pill Revolution will help you see the world in a very different, very positive, light! It will equip you with practical changes that you can make right now to transform your experience in this lifetime.

The tools of the System





The Remedy




Ancestral reconnection

*** Plus there's also a bonus chapter on the COVID-19 crisis, illustrating how the global scare fits perfectly with the tools of the System ***

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Paperback & E-Book

Watch the authors talk about each chapter


The five authors of The Red Pill Revolution come from very different backgrounds and were brought together by a shared burning desire constantly to pursue the paths that lead to knowledge, health, and happiness.

About the book

  • 335 pages in total
  • 11 chapters covering the tools the world uses to keep you down... and how you can still thrive!
  • Audiobook and ebook versions coming soon in English and Spanish.

john gusty

After over 30 years in the entertainment industry working "behind the curtain" for some of music's biggest names, John turned his attention to health and wellness in an effort to help his wife heal from what was originally diagnosed as multiple sclerosis. He soon realized that the same deceit and profit motive that plagued the entertainment sector were even worse within the medical industrial complex. A devout agorist and champion of individuality, John now devotes his time to producing content that celebrates the spirit of sovereignty in all aspects of life.

jeremy ayres

After researching and practicing natural medicine for 30 years, initially expecting the knowledge he sought to be established, his journey led him to understand that not only is this knowledge very guarded and often hidden, but that man's suffering, dis-ease and woes have been deliberately created to profit the few. Those who have honorably tried to remedy this have often suffered great persecutions. Jeremy believes we all stand on the shoulders of giants and that now is the time for a great awakening of truths.

ben hunt

For many years, Ben was best known as a blogger and author in the areas of web design and marketing. However, his driving passion has always been to explore how human beings can live in a satisfying and sustainable way. This passion has led him to study fields as diverse as self-sufficiency, bushcraft, personal development, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture. In his spare time, Ben plays and teaches chess and also makes and plays didgeridoos.

phil escott

Phil has been involved in the areas of health and fitness for decades. He is the author of Kindle best-seller, "Arthritis: The Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me", charting his own personal story of descending into profound sickness in order to discover that many of his previous beliefs were false. Phil now consults with clients worldwide and is passionate about helping them to heal while blowing up myths about the diet industry and the medical system.

graeme norbury

Despite being encouraged by his tutors to aim for medical school, Graeme chose to study engineering but was eventually lured into the world of financial markets. During a 30-year career, his drive to understand the complex systems of global finance led to a voyage of discovery into the true nature of money, geo-politics, and control. Since 2004 he has turned his attention to another complex system: human health. Graeme is a proponent of quantum biology, which offers an exciting new view on health using light, water, and magnetism.

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Praise for "The Red Pill Revolution"

Meidi Goodson

Psychotherapist, Coach & Teacher

"Thought provoking, challenging perceptions... A brilliant lesson in how to own your choices, end victimization and flourish in a far from perfect world. An inspiring read from beginning to end!"

Gary Wellman

Functional Health Coach

“This book, in my opinion, is required reading. I can, and have, come up with all the usual buzzwords to heap praise upon its contents. However, in the true spirit and intention of what is written within... don’t take my word for it. Pick it up, read it and DECIDE for YOURSELF. The choice is yours!”

Tom Hanson

Engineer and Business Owner

Anyone with a heart knows the modern world feels wrong. In the pursuit of material comfort, we have created societies rooted in conflict and contradiction.  Despite all our technological advances and our time-saving devices, who in the real world has more free time?

The Red Pill Revolution takes a hard-hitting look at the situation and delivers this positive message: We can seize our birthrights of health and happiness when we understand who we are, realign with our deep human ancestry, and focus our energy in ways that enhance our agency. 

This book uniquely reveals the mechanisms controlling humanity today, shows us a path to recapture our truest elements, and shares lifetimes of wisdom on weaving them into the rich fabric of life each of us seeks.

Michael Campbell

Professional Polymath, MSc

Have you ever looked around at the world and thought wtf is wrong with people? You are not alone! The Red Pill Revolution pulls back the curtain on a century of corporate manipulation that now touches all important aspects of life - from health and money to education. The authors shine a light into some dark corners of modern society, and more importantly, offer ideas and solutions to help get us out of this mess.

Stephen Auger

Food & Thought Blogger

The Red Pill Revolution is a look behind the curtain to the Real-world. It is a manual for living life unencumbered by fear and uncertainty in a world created by oligarchs wanting to create slaves to feed their own desires.

This book will guide the unwary traveler through the garden of life whilst having to traverse the thorny path of greed and power they have unwittingly stumbled upon.

Éva LaRoche

Health & Diet Blogger

This book is pure gold! Well thought-out and perfectly pieced together. EVERYONE needs to read this. Adults and children alike!

If someone is coming from a place where they have had no idea of the reality outside of the mainstream and their own personal life, then the red pill will be hard to swallow... at first.

The great flow of the book makes it easy to read and comprehend, which may assist in the pill going down more smoothly.

Claudine Young

Business Growth Consultant

Wow! Just wow! The book has blown me away! I couldn’t put it down! So much to think about. That for me is the sign of a great read… not telling the reader what to do, but rather giving food for thought. Much of what is said is really common sense, but we seem to have forgotten how to think for ourselves. I really would recommend reading the book. It shows that there is another way.

Jackie Jones

Retired 911 Professional

"I came away from reading this book feeling that I can do something immediately to work towards my personal sovereignty and my mind can be free when I let go of the notion that I need to try and change others. I cannot change anyone, only myself and it's easy to do. Just make up my mind and begin with me and my own. It is good that this is a peaceful solution. It is exciting and empowering!"

Paul Marsh

Writer & Complementary Health Practitioner

"The modern world can feel like a prison at times, but is it really? In Red Pill Revolution, the team behind The Human Unleashed sketch out the shape of the bars that many of us feel ourselves to be confined by – and the legal, financial, health-related and other constraints that seem to define the lot of the modern city dweller.

Much of it is illusory, as they explain with unpretentious clarity and good humor, and the revolution they recommend is an internal one. We can use modern technology wisely while also returning to a simpler way of life more like that of our ancestral forebears.

Reading the book is like putting on a pair of infrared goggles and seeing some of the hotspots or cool regions that might afford a better navigation of the modern world."

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