Friday, February 23, 2024




In early 2020 Graham Atkinson was managing a large NHS General Practice in Northern England when the COVID pandemic halted everything and everyone in their tracks.

It was from that capacity and perspective that he soon realized the deception and lies coming from our national leaders.

Graham Atkinson hates liars.

With over 30 years NHS experience behind him, he knew how the whole NHS system worked. He knew how the pharmaceutical industry worked. He could source and understand complex clinical research papers and understood hospital activity data.

Having served as a Clinical Pharmacist and a Board-Level Director in local, regional and national roles, he had the confidence to challenge the mainstream narrative with the actual facts. And it was not difficult to blow large holes in the mainstream corporate virus and vaccine narratives. It was very obvious to any neutral observer that the vast majority of patients were being disadvantaged and many harmed by the rationing of core NHS services in the pursuit of “zero COVID”.

Individually, Graham could easily find colleagues that would share their concerns and agree with his conclusions. But in groups, their views remained unspoken. In his profession, he was becoming an isolated voice and was asked to keep his views to himself. His health began to suffer. Then came the very unwelcome responsibility of establishing and running a NHS COVID Vaccination Center that served his local population. He watched as thousands walked through the door believing that they were receiving their ticket to freedom.

It was that experience that pushed Graham to the point where he was no longer willing to participate in what was being done in his name. He had tried his best to change things from the inside.

So he stopped participating and walked away.

“I know that some patients will have suffered and some will have been harmed due to the actions of the NHS in 2020 and 2021. I wish to apologize to the people of my community for any suffering and harm that has happened in my name.”

Graham’s passion and focus now is to help to build the future healthcare system that we all deserve. A system built on truth. One that allows all disciplines, knowledge and individuals that can deliver real and true healing to the communities they serve.

“I am delighted and humbled to be joining The Red Pill Revolution team in this quest at this critical time for all of us.”

Graham’s goal now is to be a magnet and inspiration for other professionals to contact and share their experiences and clear their consciences. These “Statements of Conscience” will published en masse on this very website, thus creating a worldwide collective that may very well serve to become future legal affidavits.

We will build back better. But we will build back better… without “them”.