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The Importance Of Physical Cash (and why it should be protected)

The powers-that-shouldn’t-be absolutely hate (with a vengeance!) when the general population uses physical cash. The only thing the powers-that-shouldn’t-be hate even more is when the general population SAVES and HOARDS physical cash.

That, alone, should be reason enough for anyone to be inspired to use cash whenever possible. And by all means, hoard and possess as much physical cash as possible.

It is not wise to leave large amounts of cash in bank accounts. When someone “has money” in a bank account, please consider that until that actual physical cash is in their possession, they don’t actually possess anything but digital credits.

And anything “digital” can disappear, be deleted or be transferred away before the individual could do anything about it.

When it comes to money, if you have no physical bills or coins to hold in your hands… you don’t actually possess anything but “credits”.

Wherever in the world you may live, a wise consideration would be to make certain you actually physically possess the majority (if not all) of your money in cash.

Please consider:

– CASH IS 24/7: Cash ALWAYS works. Without any electricity or signal required.

– CASH IS EASY & HASSLE-FREE: Cash can easily and privately be transferred between friends, family and businesses. For free. Without any questions or issues.

– CASH IS PRIVATE: When you use cash: Big Tech, Big Business and Big Government cannot see what or where you are purchasing or selling.

– CASH IS PHYSICAL: You can actually hold it in your hands, possess it, store it and save it. Digital money (or credits of any kind) can be erased, transferred away, or even cease to exist altogether. You have no actual control over anything digital.


1. Every time that you use cash, you help save and preserve the use of cash for everyone. The need for businesses to provide proper change, store their cash and engage in actual physical commerce helps EVERYONE.

2. Consider boycotting any business that advertises a “Cards Only” policy.

3. When you tip at a restaurant, personally hand your server cash. This way, they can keep the entire tip (tax-free!) if they wish.

4. Avoid giving gift cards. This just perpetuates the use of “digital” money. Just simply give cash instead. Who doesn’t like a gift of cash? And, the recipient of your thoughtful cash gift will do one of two things: Spend it. Or save/hoard it. Either way… it’s win-win for all involved.

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