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The 12 Most Pesticide-Polluted Products In The UK

‘Highly hazardous’ pesticides discovered in ‘dirty dozen’ list of UK fruit & vegetables, analysis of govt data finds.


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Over 120 different pesticides have been discovered in the 12 most-polluted products available on British shelves, according to Pesticide Action Network (PAN), with almost all grapes and oranges containing a “cocktail” of them.

Among the pesticides found in PAN’s analysis, 47 have been linked to cancer, 15 to reproductive or developmental toxins that can impact fertility, and 17 are cholinesterase inhibitors that can damage the respiratory system or cause problems such as confusion.

Grapes and oranges were found to be the two most contaminated groceries, with 87.2% and 86.7% of samples showing pesticide residues respectively. Twelve food items, which PAN refers to as the “dirty dozen,” returned positive samples of 15% or higher for multiple pesticide residues.


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