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[STRATEGY] No Lawyer Required: A Legal Process ANYONE Can Do To Hold Public Officials FINANCIALLY LIABLE!

Notable strategy for ending tyranny in your school districts.

A single mother employed the following strategy and it worked big time. (watch videos further down this page)

Every public official has a surety bond.

This mother got a hold of the bond and filed a claim against the the superintendent of the school.

Because she listed all of the illegal activities in the claim they couldn’t fight back against it.

All state and federal funding stopped until the claim was resolved. In her claim she listed all the laws being broken by pushing their restrictions and because of this the school had to lift the mandates and she effectively freed her school district.

Anyone can do this!

Under the Freedom of Information Act, The Sunshine Act and the state codes, you can send a request for the surety bond for any elected or appointed official via email and/or certified mail. You can also call them or walk straight into their offices.

Every bond holder is required by law to supply this material. The trick is finding out who to ask for it. Most states are organized in 4 zones: (1) State (2) County (3) City (4) Town. Many elected officials fall under a blanket bond that covers one of the zones. Though this may very state to state.

Here is a list of officials by zone:

Be persistent! If they are not providing this information to you, we recommend that you join your state Telegram channel and learn what’s working for others in your state.

List of State Telegram Channels:

Bond Request Letter Examples By State:

Understanding The Bond Claim Process:

KNOW THIS: School districts are being financially incentivized with FEDERAL funds to enforce COVID-related mandates. Watch the video below showing one parent who followed the money.


Success stories:

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