Saturday, May 28, 2022
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[SONG RELEASE] Tell The NWO To Stick It Up Their Ass!

It’s the anthem of the times! Sung at freedom rallies all over the world!

“We are the 99%” is now available on all major platforms, and The Red Pill Revolution’s very own Phil Escott had the honour of playing drums on the track!

Links to download and share widely are below, as is the video link, which was taken down from YouTube very fast… 🙂

Purchase the song here:

(United States)


*Also available at these other music retailers and streaming services:

Watch the video here:

*Direct Link:

More info, gigs etc at:

Sing it to the “authorities” if you get the chance! Well done Australia!


Watch the boys get thrown out of the studio for having the audacity to even record such a tune!

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