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Sesame Street’s Elmo Pimps Jabs To Kids

It doesn’t get more raw than this. Sesame Street’s PROGRAMMING includes normalizing injecting commercial corporate pharmaceutical cocktails into the bodies of young children.


– Sesame Street is funded by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
– A “Corporation” is a commercial entity.
– “Public” means “owned by government”.
– The Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s annual budget is composed almost entirely of an annual appropriation from Congress plus interest on those funds. (plus interest on those funds! WTF!?!) Read for yourself via the links provided below.
– For fiscal year 2014 (which apparently was the last year the CPB published it’s finances) its appropriation was US$445.5 million, including $500,000 in interest earned. That’s almost $1 BILLION DOLLARS. A year. 8 years ago. Imagine what the current figures might be.
– On the homepage of Pfizers 2021 Financial Performance Report reads the following: “2021 was a year in which we set all-time highs in several
financial categories – including Revenue and Adjusted Diluted EPS”
– Pfizer earned $81.3 Billion in 2021. A 92% growth over the previous year.

Pfizer Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2021 Results:

Pfizer’s 2021 Financials:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting:

*Link to original source:

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