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NEW BUDDHAS: Ep 7 w/Daz Nez & Phil Escott

Daz Nez

Links to “We Are The 99%” by The Daz Band:

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The Light Paper website:

Writing and performing for over 30 years, Darren woke up in 2012/13 to discover everything is a deception, made for an agenda, to technoractically enslave the whole of mankind. He decided there and then that he was going to do everything possible to help stop that from happening, and so became a committed activist for truth, justice and freedom for the individual everywhere.

At the end of 2013, Darren wrote the now worldwide protest anthem ‘We are the 99%’, which has fired the movement and found new life since 2020 and the covid scamdemic. In September 2020, he launched The Light truthpaper, a national publication free to the reader, and developing a genuine outlet for the truth which is ignored or censored by the powers that are quickly putting in place what used to be called ‘The New World Order’ aka Agenda 21 and The Great Reset.

Meeting Phil in May 2021 at one of Darren’s numerous solo live performances, it was immediately decided a full band would be an excellent way of delivering the messages of defiance, hope and freedom in the songs.

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Music courtesy of Linda Campbell – “Mercury in Your Veins” from her “My Geography” album. Hear more, including some of Phil’s drumming at:

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