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Red Pill Buddhas w/Phil Escott: Ep. 20 w/Mary Ruddick

Red Pill Buddhas w/Phil Escott – Ep: 20 w/Mary Ruddick

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Mary Ruddick: Director of Nutrition

Dubbed the “Sherlock Holmes of Health,” Mary Ruddick is a seasoned medical nutritionist, researcher, and philanthropist who specializes in metabolic, immune, and nervous system disorders.

She is the Director of Nutrition for Enable Your Healing,,, The REIGNS Method, and the Back to Joy Program, and she currently travels the globe studying traditional diets and seeing patients online via her private practice.

She has been featured with the book, “Beat Autoimmune” and she can be found on several productions from GundryMD, the Food Lies documentary, and MeatRx. Mary is a keynote speaker at several conferences each year.

She recently presented at Low Carb USA, Freedom From Food Addictions, and The GAPS OnCon. Mary spent the last several years traveling throughout Africa, the Blue Zones, and throughout remote regions of the world to observe the diets of those not affected by chronic, infectious, or emergent disease.

She is currently studying with tribes throughout Latin and South America while concurrently conducting a twelve-month study on Neuropathy in the States. You can find her article on the Batwa tribe within the 2021 Fall edition of the Wise Traditions Journal.

In her private practice, Mary Ruddick specializes in rebalancing the microbiome by addressing nutritional and epigenetic aspects that underlie various physical and mental health disorders.

She is a specialist in the field of autoimmunity, histamine intolerance (MCAD), mental disorders, hormonal disorders, and nervous system disorders including dysautonomia, neuropathy, and seizure disorders.

Having used both lifestyle and dietary changes on her own miraculous healing journey, she emphasizes the balance of both.

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