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Red Pill Buddhas w/Phil Escott – Ep: 19 w/Andrew Scarborough

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Andrew Scarborough- BSc (Hons), PgCert

Andrew has a history of involvement with influential cancer research organisations alongside work with the NHS in various capacities. He has spoken on several platforms about research into metabolic therapies and has detailed his personal experiences on the potential of novel compounds to manage brain tumour related epilepsy (BTRE). Andrew has a great appreciation for science communication and works part time as an editor for the International Brain Tumour Alliance.  
In 2013, while studying for a Masters degree in Nutritional Therapy at the University of Westminster, Andrew suffered a brain haemorrhage which revealed an underlying anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumour. Following this devastating diagnosis, Andrew realised there were few options to treat the disease beyond the standard of care.   
Andrew’s experiences sparked an interest in investigating why brain tumours are so difficult to treat, returning to higher education to study with a focus on cancer biology.   Commencing these studies with a BSc in Human and Medical Science, he gained further experience in a brain tumour research laboratory at Imperial College London, before going on to postgraduate study in Clinical Bioinformatics with the University of Manchester. 
It is Andrew’s belief that this landmark study could pave the way for future investigation of emerging treatments, clinical trials and evidence-based research targeting metabolic defects in cancer. Moreover, results of such a study could help to empower patients and provide us all with promise for a better future.   

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