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Red Pill Buddhas Ep. 22: Holley (Ivory Moon) “A Psychic’s Take On The Last Three Years”

Holley (Ivory Moon): A Psychic’s Take On The Last Three Years

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Holley is a psychic and intuitive healer. She was born into this world with many spiritual gifts right out of the gate. She remembers performing her first healing when she was very young on a family member with terminal cancer.

It was at that moment she knew she had a special connection with divine beings from other worlds. As a child, she never felt that she belonged here on Earth and longed to return home to her Star family. At any given moment, you could find her barefoot in the grass staring longingly up at the sky. She was even prone to wander in her sleep and her family would often find her outside laying under the night sky talking to the angels and fairies.

She finally settled into her life here on earth and appreciated all of the beauty in nature. She still missed home, but decided to make the most out of her adventure in this incarnation.

Then at the age of 17 she had a Near Death Experience. Clearly her spirit guides felt it was time to shake things up a bit. While on the other side, she was shown many keys to spiritual magic. She chose to return back to earth to fulfill her destiny. She knew that many people would need her help in the years to come.

In her early 20’s, she had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening and became quite ill for almost a year, while adjusting to the higher frequencies resonating throughout her body. She went on to harness her power and spiritual gifts and turned to the Angels for their divine guidance and companionship, much like when she was a child.

Holley has dedicated her life to helping people heal themselves and she considers herself a bridge between two worlds. She is extremely passionate about radiating God’s divine light and love, helping restore heaven here on earth. As humans we are entering into a new paradigm, soon all people will remember there is no separation and we are all extensions of God, the Divine Source Creator. She would love to help you unlock the secrets of angelic wisdom to guide you into living your best possible life, where love and laughter monopolize your days and nights. A life that is pain free and filled with joy!

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