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Red Pill Buddhas Ep. 21 – Nicole Kellidis: Veganism & the Destruction of Masculinity

Red Pill Buddhas Ep. 21 – Nicole Kellidis: Veganism & the Destruction of Masculinity

Nicole Kellidis: Love & Relationships Coach

Relationships are the most important ingredient in our life, and having healthy fulfilling connected and intimate relationships has been her quest in the last 15 years, finding answers for herself to begin with.

Nicole started her journey through conventional therapy, going through intensive life coaching training including fire walking and emotional fitness with Roberto Re (Tony Robbins’s italian partner) and finally fully awakening to the spiritual journey in 2018 and going through a whole new understanding.

Her healing methods are through hypnosis, and the completion process and somatic practice through reconnecting women to their body and their divine feminine polarity.

Relationships in all areas of life require skills, self awareness, and inner balance to be successful and healthy and it is her mission to help her community to find that within for themselves, to expand and thrive as the happy community we are and to take to fruition the new earth we are here to bring forth.

Love is not hard to find or to keep.

There is so much deprogramming to do about it.
It’s time to heal.

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