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PER THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY: Most NJ COVID Patients Admitted For Non-COVID Reasons

At his press conference Monday, Gov. Phil Murphy announced that New Jersey currently has 6,075 people hospitalized with COVID.

It’s the first time New Jersey has surpassed more than 6,000 hospitalized with the virus since April 2020.

However, when pressed by a reporter, the state’s Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli further revealed that 2,963 of that number were actually hospitalized because their main illness is coronavirus.

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“With about 6,000 individuals in our hospitals with confirmed COVID positive tests, about 2,963 of them are in with a principle diagnosis of COVID, which means it’s the reason for the admission, the reason for the hospitalization,” said Persichilli on Monday.

Similarly, there are 82 children, or those under 18, hospitalized with COVID-positive tests right now. But of those, 27 are in with the principal diagnosis of COVID, or where the reason for the admission is COVID, said the health commissioner.

Gov. Murphy said he has started calling it “incidental COVID.”


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