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[NEW PARENTAL CONTROLS] Documents Show Instagram KNEW They Were Hurting Teen Girls

Instagram finally has parental controls. Here’s how to use them.

Meta-owned (FB) Instagram is finally rolling out long-promised parental controls. Available now for U.S. consumers, Instagram’s new tools let teens’ parents and guardians limit app usage time and see who they follow and who follows them.

By Daniel Howley (

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And if you’re a parent or guardian and want to minimize your kid’s browsing habits, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to walk you through the process and explain what the tools don’t do. At least yet. But first, let’s go over how we got here.

Instagram’s new features come after whistleblower Frances Haugen released a trove of internal Meta documents to media outlets that showed the company knew Instagram had a negative impact on teenage girls’ body images. In October, Haugen testified before the Senate Consumer Protection Subcommittee, accusing Meta of knowingly making Instagram more addictive for teen users.


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