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Major COVID Narrative Blowback on WXYZ Detroit’s Facebook Page

On September 10th, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 created a Facebook post asking people who have lost their unvaccinated loved ones to come forward and share their stories in order to fuel the flames of a worldwide vaccine propaganda campaign. We bet the outcome was a sobering experience they weren’t expecting.

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A major blowback to the COVID narrative.

Within hours, dozens, hundreds, and then thousands of comments started to pile up, but the comments had a completely different story to tell.

People were sharing their horrible experiences with the vaccines they received. Permanent disabilities, strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, you name it. Some people had their personal stories to tell, others wanted to share devastating stories about their friends, parents, brothers, and sisters.

It quickly became apparent that Channel 7 opened a Pandora Box, which they couldn’t control anymore. The narrative of “Safe and Effective” vaccines was falling apart in front of their eyes, and nothing could stop it.

At this point, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 got itself in a difficult situation. The post currently has over 200 000 comments, with most of them being negative regarding the vaccination program, which obviously damages the main narrative that the mainstream media is trying to sell us.

There’s No Coming Back from This.


*The Facebook post as of 10-26-21:

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