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Levi’s President Bribed $1 Million Over Pandemic Opinions

Levi’s President Jennifer Sey says she was forced out of her job for speaking out publicly against California’s COVID-19 school closures — and gave up $1 million for refusing to keep her mouth shut about it.

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The mom of four and longtime Levi’s employee wrote in Bari Weiss’s “Common Sense” Substack newsletter Monday that she turned down Levi’s offer of a $1 million severance package because she didn’t want to sign a nondisclosure agreement “about why I’d been pushed out.”

Sey, who had been working her way up at Levi’s since 1999, said she was told late last year by CEO Charles Bergh that she was en route to becoming the next leader of the company — as long as she would “stop talking about the school thing.”


*Additional sources:

Yahoo News:
Levi’s president quit and walked away from $1 million in severance so she could ‘be free’ to speak out against school closures.

Levi’s Brand President Jennifer Sey Resigns, Citing School Closure Disagreements.

Business Insider:
Levi’s brand president quit, saying she turned down $1 million severance package to keep speaking out against COVID school closures.

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