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Homeschooling Is Now Illegal In France. And Greece. And Sweden.

The French Constitutional Court has approved a recent law that aims to fight “separatism,” validating heavy restrictions on home-schooling in France.

By Jeanne Smits: Paris Correspondent (

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The equivalent of the US Supreme Court judges decided last Friday that from now on, parents must obtain permission to home-school from local authorities, instead of simply producing a declaration that they have opted for this form of instruction within the family as was the case to date.

It is in fact a general ban on home-schooling, with individual exceptions, instead of a general authorization which the authorities could retract in individual cases.

Further measures will tighten state control on France’s growing network of independent schools that receive no state funds, allowing local “préfets” – representatives of the administration in France’s “départements” or local administrative units – to decide to close such an establishment without the intervention of a judiciary judge.

This network includes a large number of Catholic independent schools where traditional teaching methods are the rule, while the official Catholic schools under contract with the state have state-paid teachers and are expected to apply the public curriculum and teaching methods.


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