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Graham Atkinson – The Red Pill Pharmacist: Red Pill DNA Episode 4

Graham Atkinson – The Red Pill Pharmacist: Red Pill DNA Episode 4

*The following is a Red Pill Revolution DNA Special Report.

There can be no denying the ideological divide that the COVID virus narrative has created across all aspects of modern day life worldwide. The professional playing field is as volatile as the playing field of personal relationships.

Because of their unique corporate synchronicity, the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific communities are an especially unpredictable and toxic environment in which to professionally exist.

It is also these three industries who have the ability to cause actual harm, or in some cases… death, to the general public.

We here at the Red Pill Revolution hold in the highest of esteem… those individuals within these industries who have seen that harm and death firsthand, and reach a point where they can no longer participate or be connected to their professions.

Graham Atkinson is one such individual.

He recently walked away from 17 years with the NHS in a management & director capacity while, amongst other responsibilities and duties… he was responsible for the operations of an actual vaccination center.

Graham is also a qualified pharmacist.

We’re honored to have Graham tell his story, as well as answer some extremely direct & pointed questions that many of his peers would simply refuse to answer for fear of professional consequence.

We’re also honored to announce Graham Atkinson as the newest member of the Red Pill Revolution team where he will continue to tell his story and serve as encouragement to other professionals and their conscience.

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