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COV-AIDS: Is Moderna Queing Up The Next New Health Scare?

First patients vaccinated in clinical trial of HIV experimental vaccine that uses Moderna’s mRNA technology

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The first participants have been vaccinated in a Phase 1 clinical trial of an experimental HIV vaccine that utilizes Moderna’s mRNA technology, the company announced last week.

The trial, titled IAVI G002, is being conducted in partnership with IAVI, a nonprofit scientific research organization. It is testing a vaccine that delivers HIV-specific antigens to the body with the goal of inducing an immune response. These antigens were initially developed by researchers at IAVI and Scripps Research, led by Dr. William Schief.

In a “proof-of-concept” trial last year, the research team found the HIV antigens produced the desired immune response in 97% of participants. The current trial builds on the previous one by testing the primary version of the vaccine and also a booster version, and by employing Moderna’s mRNA technology, which was previously used to create a successful Covid-19 vaccine.


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