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Could The Injected Be Subject To Remote-Control Illness & Death?

Graphene Oxide plus 5G can create Marburg-like “viral” outbreaks.

In theory: Inject people with Graphene Oxide, then switch on 5G in a certain area. People’s organs will start malfunctioning.

Switch on 5G in a completely different area and it looks like an infection is spreading.

Thus the perception of a Marburg Virus outbreak.

Excuse for more lockdowns and vaccines etc.

Also, it seems ultrasound can be used.

Could the Travis Scott/Astroworld event have been a dry run?

The parasite “octopus thing” seen in some vaccine vials MAY also play a role as an antenna… however that is not 100% clear as of yet.

That may explain the passionately negative corporate narrative against Ivermectin/Hydroxychloroquine/anti-parasite type treatments.

It is now very clear why the censors were so brutal with anyone who linked 5G to outbreaks of ‘viral’ illness.


ATTENTION: Video NOT recommended for vaccinated persons.

The “discs” found in Covid vaccines are: GRAPHENE MICROBUBBLES (Microfluidic Biochips).

These Microbubbles are hatched with frequency pulses.

The “octopus” is a signal receiver/emitter that will latch onto internal organs. Through the new and powerful global network of 5G pulsed wireless telecommunications infrastructure, they will emit wave pulses in targeted areas of the population (what will look like “infectious outbreaks”)

The “octopus” will receive the signal pulse and re-emit it to the organ it has latched onto. Hatching the Microbubbles in that organ. The graphene leakage will cause blood clotting, thrombosis, aneurysms and thus internal leakage.

*Direct link to video:—-00:2

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