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Burial Costs Covered For Canadians Killed By Approved Vaccines

By Kevin Connor (Toronto Sun)

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Burial costs will now be covered by Ottawa for individuals killed by federally approved vaccines.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the department of health will pick up the tab and says the new program “addresses a longstanding gap in Canada’s national immunization programming by providing a timely, no-fault financial support mechanism for all people in Canada, in rare instances where they are seriously and permanently injured performing a public good, being immunized.”

A briefing note from the department says vaccine injuries are rare but do happen.

“The program will provide death benefits and support for funeral expenses in the rare case of a death as a result of having received a Health Canada authorized vaccine,” said the note Vaccine Injury Support Program.

The department has budgeted $75 million for all claims but said it was unclear how many submissions there could be. Management of the program is contracted to RCGT Consulting.


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