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Amazon Introduces ASTRO: An “Alexa On Wheels With A Camera”

“We’re screwed.” Amazon introduces first household robot to wave of mockery, privacy concerns. Amazon’s announcement of an ‘Alexa with wheels’ household robot has been met with a wave of ridicule and questions about the privacy concerns this technology presents.


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The Astro is Amazon’s first household robot and it can be remote-controlled by its owner when they are not at home to perform tasks or check on a pet or family members. The device can also detect – and alert owners to – unusual activity.

Amazon is selling Astro as more than just a robot, however, giving it a multitude of expressions to give the impression of having personality. During the new tech’s unveiling, an Astro was asked to beatbox and it went through a range of ‘expressions’ as it played beatboxing sounds.

The device itself has a large screen that acts as its ‘face’, atop three wheels. It can be used to video chat, move objects, play music, and more.


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