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90% Of Nurses Considering Leaving The Profession In The Next Year

Does that stat catch your attention? Good. Shawn Sefton, RN, talks about the results of a new survey of RNs, the key problems it identified – and how technology can help lessen burnout.

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Shawn Sefton, RN, has experienced first-hand the operational, staffing and scheduling challenges that plague the U.S. nurse workforce, having worked as a nurse and in various nurse leader roles for decades.

She spent her early career as a frontline ED and perianesthesia nurse in various hospitals. Then she served as manager of presurgical services and anesthesia at Boston Medical Center, and as clinical specialist nurse (perioperative projects) and clinical director at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Needham.

Sefton followed those years up as a director at PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ health advisory practice, where she led operational and financial improvement engagements at a number of health systems. Today she serves as chief nursing officer and vice president of client services at Hospital IQ, a vendor of predictive hospital operations automation software.

Healthcare IT News sat down with Sefton to get her expert and insider views on the findings of a recent Hospital IQ survey of U.S. hospital nurses.


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