Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Astroworld, Death, Kylie Jenner & Satan: Red Pill DNA Episode 3

ASTROWORLD: 1. This Twitter thread is an interesting collection of Travis Scott/Astroworld stuff. Of particular note is the Kylie Jenner (Scott's girlfriend) ad with her...

Phil Escott’s “The Red Pill Buddhas” Ep. 5 w/Isaac Shapiro

*Watch the video below on Odysee. Stop giving traffic to YouTube & Vimeo. Isaac Shapiro is an internationally known facilitator, fascinated with life lived in...

How To Prepare Your Family For A Supply Chain Breakdown

Jeremy Ayres & Graeme Norbury (The Red Pill Revolution/The Human Unleashed) and Rebecca Matthews (Owner: Corduroy Restaurant, Vancouver British Columbia) discuss preparation specifics as...

Celebrity Leaders, Childish Prime Minister & Jab-Free Jobs: Red Pill DNA Ep.2

In the past week, several high-profile US celebrities have announced their desire to run for office. Has "government" as we've known it always been about...

The BANNED Buddha! w/Phil Escott

This is the audio of my censored Buddha at the Gas Pump interview from 2015… And here is a link to the blog post of...